Welcome to DarteGlass!

Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value by creating handmade fused glass  designs such as these.


Sue Darte:

I love working with fused glass, and try not to limit my experimentation, by adding variety and creating unique glass pieces. I love seeing the joy that my creations bring to my friends and clients. I hope you will enjoy them as well. Commissions welcomed.

There is no brick and mortar storefront. I add everything to this website and also display by work at various events. To see my schedule, please click here.

Fused Glass

Is the process of creating multiple firings, at high temperatures, in glass kilns that can take many days to complete. So, it’s all about having patience. Pieces fire at temperatures as high as 1500 degrees to melt the glass into the desired design. All pieces fire in stages (segments), from a slow ramp up to the desired temperature, then to an annealing process that prevents the glass from shattering and finally the glass slowly cools down to room temperature for the completed design.