PMC150 Pneumatic Murrini Chopper

Introducing the latest in glass technology!  Tired of using hand nippers to cut your vitrigraph pulls into murrini? Tired of sore hands, sore shoulders and flying murrini? Introducing the DarteGlass Pneumatic Murrini Chopper!

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The PMC150 is a pneumatic murrini cutter (max compressor PSI=150).  It can be connected to any compressor you have.  If you don’t have a compressor, a small pancake type compressor works just fine, for not a lot of money. The maximum PSI is 150, but cutting works well at 80 PSI.

Components of the PMC150

  • 3 cutting wheels (replaceable 22 mm standard nipper wheels)
  • LED dimmable light
  • Polycarbonate shield
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Base plate mounting holes
  • Matte finish
  • Foot pedal
  • Airline quick connect
  • Flexible tubing connecting the foot pedal to operating cylinder
  • Material Feed Ramp Pinch Guard
  • Thumb screws for quick disconnect of shield
  • The base can be screwed to a wood platform that can sit in a container, or it can be clamped to a workspace.
  • Options:
    • Upgrade to a smaller foot pedal, which could also be handheld
    • Add a catcher box to contain all the pieces

Customer Review

Upgraded Foot Pedal & Cutting Demonstration

Glass Stopper Demonstration

Cutting Shaped Glass Demonstration